Why I Decided to Become a Drifter

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Why I Decided to Become a DrifterWhy did I decide to become a drifter? While lying around for almost a year on doctors’ orders recovering from a life-threatening situation, I realized that if I was going to fulfill my dream of traveling the world, I’m not getting any younger (I was 61) or healthier (Duh! I was in the hospital!) The time to start to travel was now!

This was going to take some radical changes in my life. Up until I collapsed, I was a busy girl, burning the candle at both ends as they say. I was developing 3 new businesses, about to put on a national conference, ran a large active Meetup group, was a full time online seller on 3 sites, taught 4 different classes on online selling, and mentor to a couple of paying customers. I didn’t have a minute for myself.

Then my body went on strike emotionally and physically. I ended up not only in the hospital with serious physical problems, but depressed, anxious, and exhausted. During my illness, I had no choice but to abandon many of the things I was involved in. Luckily, with the help of one of my employees I was able to keep my online sales treading water while I was flat on my back, but I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted in my life and what I would need to do to make it happen. It was time to enter a new phase of my life.

I could not do much then, but I could research. While doing so, I discovered that in most of the world, I can live for much less than I was here. So, why not?! My kids are grown & gone, I’m a widow, and besides a passive income, I work online. I had plodded along thinking travel was a pipe dream because of my past circumstances. Once I really looked at where I was now, I realized I would be more than fine. I needed to get the hell out of Dodge ASAP!

But that was easier said than done. Besides having an ungodly amount of accumulated inventory, both listed and ‘not yet’, I have been a pack rat. There wasn’t room to hardly turn around in my home and we’re not even talking about the storage buildings! I decided a life on the road had no room for ‘stuff’. Except for a few items too precious & irreplaceable to part permanently with, it all had to go, even the house! So, as my strength slowly returned, I got started and became ruthless. I even hired someone to help me plow through it all.

I just assumed I could not afford to do any serious travel. And it would have been tough to do 5 years ago. But my circumstances had changed & I hadn’t acknowledged it. Researching and comparing actual costs and my current income made me realize it was well within my reach. And having cheated death, I realized I could not afford not to travel now!

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One thought on “Why I Decided to Become a Drifter

  1. Cherry says:

    Wow this is a very inspiring article Ma’am Sandy. Thank you for sharing this. I have always wanted to travel with family too but doesn’t seem possible for me now. I hope i could get the same courage as you are to firmly decide to make it happen. I hope i won’t wait till a serious illness remind me that life should be lived. I hope someday i could be a frugal drifter like you too. I so love this article.

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