Still Alive

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Playa de Tijuana, MX
January 30, 2017
Still Alive!

Dear friends and fans,

I know I pretty much disappeared off the grid for months now (especially those of you who do not follow me personally on Facebook). Growing pains and adventures – both good and bad – have given me excuses to neglect this blog. I know some of you are traveling vicariously through me, others are looking for tips to make their own travels more affordable, and some just want to know where in the world I am now. Since you took the time to register on here, I feel I owe it to you to keep you updated. And I DO want you all to know what’s going on and the amazing life I’m leading now, but sending you all mind waves is just not cutting it. I’ve been texting tomes to certain friends with each getting different information and I Now realize I should instead (or also) have been directing my musings to this site to share with all of you. I promise, now that I have my sea legs, no more disappearing!

Playas Map
Playas Map

Today I am in Playas de Tijuana, west of Tijuana right on the Pacific coast, immediately south of the US border. I’ll catch you up later on how I got here, but let’s just start with the present. The first night I was in Mexico, I stayed at a hotel room in the heart of Tijuana that I found on Priceline. Note that I say stay not sleep.

It was an old hotel and, to be fair, while the owners did do their best to keep it clean and it was bug-free, it was literally falling apart and needed serious repairs and maintenance. For one thing, as you can see, the patio door was literally coming out of the wall, with chunks of drywall on the floor.

Patio door frame coming out of the wall
Patio door frame coming out of the wall

The ceiling in the shower was so textured, that there was no way for them to deal with mildew. The room was large with tile floors, high ceilings, and no weatherstripping to speak of, all of which would have helped keep it cool in the summer, but, this was February. With only one tiny AC/heater mounted at the top corner of a wall and breeze, it was freezing. I arrived in the early afternoon and it was an hour before I could even take my knit cap off and another 4 hours before I dared take my coat off. but that didn’t last long. As the sun went down so did the temperatures. To top it off the bed was like a rock. As I said, everything was clean and the towels were even big & fluffy, but the furniture was stained and someone had etched every single glass surface in the room with gang-style graffitti (including the picture glass & shower doors). I spent the night huddled in a jacket and blanket while online finding a place to move to. Come morning, I contacted the RV owners and arranged to check in early.

I am now happily ensconced in a one-bedroom RV in the fenced and locked side yard of a delightful couple and their 10 year old daughter. I’m less than ¼ mile from the beach!

I'm so close I can smell the salt air!
I’m so close I can smell the salt air!

I found this place through I have complete privacy in my capsule but will be making use of their laundry. They have been extremely accommodating, letting me know if they’re going to the grocery store if I need a ride or for them to pick up a few things up for me. One day we went for a drive down the coast to watch the sunset, and they’re always available for questions, too. They have even brought over plates of great food now & then!

At a cafe on the beach near me.
At a cafe on the beach near me.

The difference has been night and day. Not only do I have a really comfortable bed, a full kitchen that even includes an oven a toaster and blender, but they travel in this RV themselves so even spices and other staples like Saran, foil, and zip locks were in here.

A quick trip to the grocery store and I’m set. I’m enjoying these first few days so much I am tempted to extended my stay for the entire month of February.

There have been so many changes and unexpected situations occur in the last six months, To say nothing of the Mistakes that are part of the learning curve, that at this point I don’t know where I am going next week, much less the rest of the year. Everything has changed. No surprise, but I need to give my brain and body a chance to heal while I catch my breath. Playas seems to be the perfect place to do this. The land in the background is Point Loma in San Diego. I need to debrief myself, including reviewing my budget for the last 6 months so I can better project expenses for next year Of course, my budget is a big factor in where and when I travel next. My main priority for the next few days is to rest and simply to figure out where I am staying next week. once I can think straight I’ll start working on the budget and next year’s plans.

But I promise I will not leave you guys high and dry again. I will include you in my thought processes and research so you can better plan your own Adventures.



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