Andake Travel Pillow Neck Inflatable Pillow Best for Your Head and Neck Rest Pillow


  • Andake travel pillow inflatable gives you the best head, neck and shoulder support while you are traveling on airplanes, driving a car, working in front of a computer, camping, lying on couch or even taking a nap.
  • The environmentally-friendly material which is soft to touch and thick flocking fabric construction prevents heat build-up and gives you the comfortable rest.
  • There is also a really nice addition to the front and back keeps your neck in the right position while resting and prevents a stiff neck effectively, as a result you won’t have neck pains. Both sides deliver equal comfort and support.
  • This travel is easy to inflate with few breathes and quick deflation, squeeze valves root area for easy inflation and quick deflation.
  • It also comes with a little handy pouch when deflated fold up very small about the size of your phone so it is easily folds for compact storage.



Product Price: $10.99