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I’m getting out of Dodge finally! Until my body went on strike, I traveled often. The last couple years, though, multiple serious health issues have kept me in the Valley of the Sun. I’ve developed a bad case of cabin fever and felt trapped.

Now I’m striking out on a 10-14 day adventure( being a drifter I’m not sure when I’ll be back!) My first cruise, plus bus and train, and Uber. I’ll be visiting one of my favorite cities and a few I know quite well. And part of the adventure is traveling solo!

I found a last minute cruise from LA to  Vancouver (one way) with a price so low, I just could not pass it up. Three nights, inside room for $89+$45t/p. It was so low, I was willing to pay for both berths myself just to go! But if I had someone to share the room with, we’d upgrade to a balcony room for $30 more each.

It was so last minute, the usual suspects could not make it, so, not one to give up, I posted on Facebook for a roommate. And found one. She had been to a few of the Meetups for online sellers that I ran, so had seen me speaking before & knew I was a real person. She gave me the go-ahead to line up the whole trip & was game to experience the entire adventure with me, not just the cruise. Then at the last second she was unable to go so here I am with a balcony room to myself!

Itinerary (subject to change, of course):Long Beach California

Phx>  overnight Greyhound bus.

Uber to San Pedro Cruise Port & board the Ruby Princess (my 1st cruise!)

Uber again to my downtown Airbnb apartment in Vancouver.

Then a helicopter to Victoria (another. Visit my favorite brewery catch the Christmas market and explore a few museums. Sunday or Monday I’m back on

Amtrak to Phoenix. Maybe with a couple of days in Portland with family or a couple days in LA just exploring

I can’t wait! Only two downsides. One, I’m leaving in the middle of the hottest online selling month. But with most of my currently listed inventory in Amazon’s warehouse already, it should not hurt my sales much. And this year, getting out of town is more important to me than losing a few sales. Priorities.

And Two, I just checked with the weatherman today and DUH! It’s winter! Vancouver & Victoria are considered in a ‘temperate’ climate, which must mean something a lot different than I always assumed. High temps will be in the 40s with lows in the 30s! And rain expected daily. Time to completely revise my packing list. I was bringing a few sweaters, but looks like I need long johns, gloves, & a good coat.

I’ve just learned a major lesson. Consult what the weather is going to be like before jumping on a great deal.

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