Feliz Cumpleaños Para Mi!

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February 19, 2017
Rosarito Beach, Baja, MX

My Pina Colada was in my hand before I could get my jacket off!

Happy birthday to me! I celebrated my birthday this year (Feb 19) with a lobster dinner! I was going to be eating alone, but instead, posted on the local expat group on Facebook that I was looking for a dinner companion and made a new friend! We arranged to meet in Rosarito Beach, MX at Restaurante de Langostino La Guerita (the little  blonde lobster restaurant. I know. Go figure). I rarely drink, but I wasn’t driving (and it WAS my birthday!) so while I waited for my friend to join me, I started with a pina colada at the bar, along with chips and several types of salsas (my fav, the salsa heavy in white onions & garlic.)

Nancy toasting my birthday!

Once my friend arrived, Nancy ordered wine & I ordered a Margarita. I was surprised at how HUGE it was! The bar stools were tall, comfy chairs, and we were the only ones at the bar, so we decided to eat right there. Since we were complete strangers, we talked for a bit before ordering. They quietly refilled our chips and there was no pressure to rush.

I had Surf & Turf: NY steak, half lobster with garlic butter, steamed vegies, fish soup, really tasty rice, and a baked potato, all for about $15 US. Nancy got lobster, too, and we were both really happy with our food. Who knew the west coast of Baja is well known for their excellent lobster! Just south of Rosarito is the best known place. Puerto Nuevo is a small fishing village of appx 200 people and THREE lobster restaurants. After dinner, I had a White Russian (vodka, Kahlua, and cream) for dessert. I’d have had another, but they were closing.

Not bad for $15! And I had enough steak left for lunch Monday. It all tasted really, really good!
Late on a quiet Sunday night after a stormy weekend with my new friend. I still have my scarf on bc there was a cool ocean breeze from the open doors. Place has great food, strong drinks, but crappy lighting!
Our waiter was surprised I wanted a pic of him, too!

Surprisingly, the grand total for my meal plus 3 drinks and a healthy tip was a total of 550 MXP. That’s about $27.50 USD (really expensive by Baja standards!) I was happy! (Yes, with 3 drinks in me, for more reasons than one!) The service start to finish was exceptional. My only disappointment of the night was that they did not have Mojitos, but since it uses fresh mint, a lot of places don’t. I’ll live. Overall, it was a delightful evening!

And I’m not shy about my age! I’m 64 now!


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