Feedback 2

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Susan – Caucel, Mexico
31 March – 18 April 2017

She is a GREAT house sitter. I can not recommend her enough. One in a million. You will be lucky and delighted to get her.
This was the second time Sandy has house sat for me. She dropped everything to come as soon as she. could since my original sitter cancelled at short notice. She calmed me down, and quickly had everything under control. I was not able to be there on her arrival, finding alternative help for the first 10 days. It was wonderful to relax knowing she knew the house and the dogs (who were ecstatic on seeing her again! )

She is calm and collected and has great initiative, very adaptable, and understands what house sitting entails, which is not living in a house like a tourist and leaving the house unoccupied for hours at a time. If she went out she rarely left it alone for more than half a day, making sure the dogs were left inside and not in the broiling sun.

Having lived in Arizona and Southern California she understands living in the heat and tropics. She knows about the costs of Air conditioning etc. and is very capable living in any country which does not always have first-world amenities. It was LOVELY to come back and see her again she is now a good friend and kindred spirit. I was thrilled to be able to recommend her for sits in Cancun and Merida, I have to leave again in July and I am planning this trip around her, so she can come again.

Organised –  * * * * *
Reliable – * * * * *
Self-sufficient – * * * * *
Tidy – * * * * *
Pet care – * * * * *