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Susan – Caucel, Mexico
14 August – 15 September 2016

Sandy looked after my dogs well. My house in good order. She showed great commitment considering she had suffered a really bad fall only a few days before arriving, and though arriving in pain, she did not want to leave me stuck at such short notice.

Luckily she came early so I was able to take her to the doctor and rush to before I had to leave to fix up a room downstairs for her so she didn’t have to use the stairs.

She had the initiative to get someone to help with the garden and clean up after the dogs, even though she spoke little Spanish.
I was concerned she would be fit enough, as she had to rest her leg and was taking a lot of medication. She was able to look after everything. Thanks to her commitment I was able to leave my home and animals for a month and come back to find everything in order. Thank you Sandy .

Organised – * * * * *
Reliable – * * * * *
Self-sufficient – * * * * *
Tidy – * * * * *
Pet care – * * * * *