Welcome to Frugal Drifter! I will share with you my adventures and my secrets to affording to travel full time. I am very frugal – I save money wherever possible so I can still afford to splurge on the niceties that mean something to me. And I move through this world slowly, at my own pace, not on a set vacation or tour schedule. This is my life. Join me. Either vicariously following my adventures, invite me to visit you, join me for a leg or two, or begin your own full-time drift – maybe we’ll accidently cross paths!

Part 2: Merida

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico Part 2: First Things First When we last left our heroine, she had limped into Merida with a seriously injured, feverish leg, less than half her wits about her due to fatigue, and no voice left due to dehydration. (Actually, she was in Caucel, a suburb of Merida). First thing is to […]

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Part 1: The Trip: Phoenix to Merida, MX

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico I was beyond exhausted when I headed to the airport early Thursday morning. I had injured my leg Tuesday night and it continued to swell and I had had only an hour’s nap since getting up Monday morning. I don’t even remember driving. Luckily, there is little traffic at 3:30 AM. I […]

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Preparing to Escape – Hoarder to Living in Suitcases

Contrary to what many speculated, I have succeeded in transforming myself from a hermit and hoarder (yes, like on the TV shows) to exploring the world while living out of suitcases! I am going cold turkey. I can’t accumulate things while traveling because they would have to fit in my already over packed suitcase. By […]

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On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

I’m getting out of Dodge finally! Until my body went on strike, I traveled often. The last couple years, though, multiple serious health issues have kept me in the Valley of the Sun. I’ve developed a bad case of cabin fever and felt trapped. Now I’m striking out on a 10-14 day adventure( being a […]

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What is frugal travel?

Frugal travel does not mean dirt cheap accommodations, hitchhiking, not sightseeing, cooking in the room or eating from cans. Frugal travel means setting a budget and coming out at the end within that budget Frugal accommodations could range from a week at a hostel, couch surfing,staying with friends or relatives, spending a few nights renting […]

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Safe Solo Travel – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, I really only had a couple of fears about traveling alone in a foreign land. But once I carefully thought it out and prepared myself this is no longer a worry. These included adding more & hidden pockets to my traveling clothes and fortifying my bags & purse. Also, preparing […]

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Safe Solo Travel – Part 1

Safety crosses everyone’s mind when out in the world alone, at least for a moment, even if just in a new area in your own town. This is especially true for women. In a different country where you know no one and may not even speak the language it can be even more disconcerting. Personally, […]

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Why I Decided to Become a Drifter

Why did I decide to become a drifter? While lying around for almost a year on doctors’ orders recovering from a life-threatening situation, I realized that if I was going to fulfill my dream of traveling the world, I’m not getting any younger (I was 61) or healthier (Duh! I was in the hospital!) The […]

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